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THK Linear Guides & Motion Control Products


THK LM Guides

Rolling linear motion control products and guides available in a wide variety of types. THK Product News

THK Caged Ball LM Guides

Ensures long life and maintenance free operation. The bearings in these Caged Ball LM guides are held by retainers and circled so that they are free from friction between the balls. THK Product News

THK Ball Splines

The Ball Spline is an innovative linear motion system, in that balls accommodated in the spline nut transmit torque while linearly moving on precision-ground raceways on a spline shaft. Please contact Technico for information regarding the selection and purchase of these linear motion system products. THK Product News

THK Linear Actuators

Linear actuators that make use of the LM guide technology. THK Product News

THK Ball Screws

THK Ball Screws come in many standardized types. Please contact Technico for information regarding the selection and purchase of these products. THK Product News

Other THK Products

THK also manufactures many other products, including roller guides, slide packs, link balls, cross roller bearings, linear bushings, cam followers etc. Please contact Technico for information regarding the selection and purchase of these products.


THK offers the world's most complete line of Linear Motion Systems and products for your Motion Control and Automation needs. These systems include Linear Motion Slides, Ball Screws, Ball Splines, Linear Actuators and Stages, as well as other linear motion products.
Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of Servo Drives, Servomotors, and related products for Motion control applications. Yaskawa has a Worldwide reputation for the most reliable, most technically advanced and longest-lasting products.
eShaft Case 60 is engineered round linear shafting, manufactured to extremely close industry tolerances on diameter, straightness, and roundness. Designed for use in all Motion Control applications and engineered to exacting standards.
Thomson offers the world's largest selection of Linear Ball Bushing Bearings. Thomson shafting comes in an assortment of material types and diameters. Our linear bearing products are part of an unmatched portfolio of motion technologies available as components through to complete custom systems.
Technico Design and Machine includes Machining Services, Application Engineering, and custom Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Motion Control solutions to support our customers in the Motion Control and Automation Industries.
Nook manufactures Ball Screw Assemblies, Acme Screw Assemblies, Planetary Roller Screws, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, Electrical Cylinder Actuators, Linear Bearings, Linear Shafting, Slide Systems and End Bearing Supports.
LinTech manufactures standard and custom positioning components and systems for the motion control and automation industry.
NB Corp. of America offers a complete line of low cost ball bushing and slide products for motion control applications: inch and metric ball bushings, round shafting, and other slide components for automation applications.
Memolub is a miniature centralized lubrication system. Memolub uses a high pressure system, which incorporates from 1 to 18 lubrication points allowing users to control automatic lubrication operations in a cost effective manner.
R+W Coupling Technology manufactures couplings for the Power Transmission and Motion Control Industries. Coupling products include Metal Bellows, Safety, Miniature, Economy, Line Shaft, Elastomer, and Linear. Most products are available quickly.
AMO's focus is the development, manufacture and sales of linear and angular measuring systems for motion control feedback applications based on the Inductive sensing AMOSIN®. The Inductive sensing method combines the accuracy of optical encoders and the robustness of magnetic encoders.
Nabell USA Corporation is a manufacturer of bellows and protective covers for a variety of applications, including medical equipment, machine tools (ball screw, linear way, linear guide, telescopic waycover, laser, water jet), precision instruments, camera & optical, clean room applications, and materials handling.
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