A Brief History Lesson on the THK Linear Guide

A Brief History Lesson on the THK Linear Guide

Linear guides have been utilized since the prehistoric age, with paintings of similar guides being used by workers in Egypt, although they did not come to common use as mechanical operatives until the early 20th century. (more…)

Ordering THK Products from Multiple Distributors? Read This First!

Ordering THK Products from Multiple Distributors? Read This First!

Ordering THK products from multiple distributors can be confusing, costly and risky. Technico, Inc. is an established sales and distribution organization known throughout the Linear Motion industry as a leading THK distributor. Technico, Inc. offers a full range of automation technologies to OEMs in a variety of industries. As an established, high-tech THK  distribution organization, Technico, Inc. offers THK motion control products and services required for industrial automation applications including THK linear guide systems, linear motion actuators, caged ball linear motion guides, and THK ball screws and splines.  (more…)

Look Inside: Motion Control Systems

technico motion control systemsMotion control is generally understood to mean the use of servo or stepper systems as the “muscle” to move a given load. Motion control systems are capable of extremely precise speed, position and torque control. Applications which require positioning of product, synchronization of separate elements, or rapid start/stop motion are all perfect candidates for the use of motion control. (more…)

What to Look for in a Linear Actuator

gl15b series linear actuatorAre you new to linear actuators? Are you looking for some guidance in choosing an actuator for a project? The experts at Technico, Inc. can guide you through the entire selection process in four steps. In basic terms a linear actuator is a device that produces motion in a straight line and is powered by an external energy source, commonly achieved with a rod extending and retracting or with a slider that moves on a track. Linear actuators are used in innumerable applications. The following steps are helpful in determining which linear actuator will suit your application. (more…)

Linear Motion Is Everywhere

linear motion guidesUnexpected linear motion applications are everywhere!  They range from relatively simple, such as an inexpensive seat actuator in a passenger vehicle to a complex multi-axis coordinate system, complete with control and drive electronics for closed-loop positioning. No matter how simple or how complex the linear motion system, at the most basic level they all have one thing in common. Moving a load through a linear distance in a specific amount of time, linear rails and linear actuators are used to control movements with different variables and complexity. (more…)

Get to Know the Leader in Motion Control Products

Get to Know the Leader in Motion Control Products

Get to Know Technico

Based on Newton’s First Law of Motion, any object that doesn’t experience a net force will constantly move in a straight line at the same velocity, which is called linear motion. Every day we are surrounded by things that move in a linear motion. Whether in machine tools, robots, semiconductor production applications, precise measuring equipment, medical devices or computer-controlled machines and systems for other industry sectors. As a leader in Motion Control, Technico specializes in offering a broad range of automation technologies to OEM’s in a wide variety of industries. Primary industrial applications include machine tool, metalworking, automation, transfer equipment, automotive, robotics, medical, tire and rubber, injection molding, press, steel mill equipment, packaging and special machinery among others. (more…)

Ballscrews Prove Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

By specifying THK’s innovative ballscrews, AddisonMcKee successfully reduced the size of its latest tube-bending machine, while increasing controllability and slashing energy consumption. Although some believe bigger is better, others consider smaller sizes more appealing. Mobile phone manufacturers, microchip producers and personal computer designers have all seen the extreme benefits of going small with compact automation components.

In the world of original equipment manufacturers, however, power, accuracy and reliability prevail, although relative downsizing is increasingly being seen as a way of effectively differentiating products. (more…)

Guides Now Available in Larger Sizes

THK has added two new models to its proven range of high performance linear motion systems. The latest versions of the Super roller guide (SRG) are now available in larger sizes of 85 and 100mm, and form part of a product family that is designed to combine exceptional levels of rigidity, accuracy and reliability in compact, virtually zero maintenance units. The new THK LM Guide incorporates their patented Caged Roller technology.

This improves overall performance, while reducing levels of friction, heat and noise to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the use of Caged Roller technology significantly enhances both rigidity and stiffness, while allowing loads to be moved or transferred smoothly and at extremely high speeds.

Designed for use throughout industry, the new SRG models utilise linear-roller technology to provide smooth movement through low rolling resistance.

The roller retainer, with grease pockets between the elements, provides exactly the right amount of lubrication directly where needed, resulting in substantially longer lubrication intervals and maintenance free operation.

Extensive testing of the SRG models has proved that rolling resistance is reduced by up to three times and with significantly less fluctuations than with conventional full roller types.

Similarly, when compared with conventional roller bearings, the Caged Roller type SRG offers unique rigidity with radial and lateral stiffness typically improved by 40% and reverse radial stiffness is over 75% greater.

Ideally suited to particularly tough and demanding conditions in manufacturing, automation or process applications, the new SRG models are available with static load capabilities ranging from 165 to 599kN, and with a choice of either compact or flange type carriages.

Wider Guides Handle Heavier Loads

THK has launched two new models to extend still further its proven range of high performance THK linear motion guide systems. The latest versions of the SRW Caged roller guide are now available with extra-wide guide rails, of 130 and 150mm in width, to provide even greater load capacity, in terms of both weight and overall size, with excellent levels of rigidity, positional accuracy and repeatability. The new SRW LM guide incorporates THK’s patented Caged Roller technology, which is based on the proven operating techniques used in the company’s Caged Ball linear motion devices, with the steel ball arrangement being replaced with two sets of opposing caged rollers positioned at 45-degree contact angles between each side of the block and rail.

The rollers circulate within specially developed retaining cages, with retaining plates being used to ensure that the rollers remain permanently aligned in a uniform arrangement.

This configuration allows lubricating grease to be applied evenly across the face of individual rollers and retained between rollers at all times; as a result maintenance can be virtually eliminated, with tests proving potential maintenance free operation to be in excess of 40,000km.

Compared with conventional roller bearing products, the latest THK caged roller systems offer up to 38% greater radial stiffness and over 40% more lateral stiffness.

In addition, they provide considerably lower levels of friction, can be used at both high and low speeds, with equal degrees of accuracy, and are almost silent in operation.

The exceptionally tough and rigid construction of SRW means that the latest THK linear motion guide systems can carry static load capacities up to 600kN, can be preloaded and will handle loads applied in the radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions.

The units can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are available with a range of accessories including THK’s unique QZ lubrication system, which extends maintenance intervals still further, the LaCS laminated contact scraper system, plus metal scrapers, plate covers and a range of seals for use in severe environments.