Guides Now Available in Larger Sizes

THK has added two new models to its proven range of high performance linear motion systems. The latest versions of the Super roller guide (SRG) are now available in larger sizes of 85 and 100mm, and form part of a product family that is designed to combine exceptional levels of rigidity, accuracy and reliability in compact, virtually zero maintenance units. The new THK LM Guide incorporates their patented Caged Roller technology.

This improves overall performance, while reducing levels of friction, heat and noise to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the use of Caged Roller technology significantly enhances both rigidity and stiffness, while allowing loads to be moved or transferred smoothly and at extremely high speeds.

Designed for use throughout industry, the new SRG models utilise linear-roller technology to provide smooth movement through low rolling resistance.

The roller retainer, with grease pockets between the elements, provides exactly the right amount of lubrication directly where needed, resulting in substantially longer lubrication intervals and maintenance free operation.

Extensive testing of the SRG models has proved that rolling resistance is reduced by up to three times and with significantly less fluctuations than with conventional full roller types.

Similarly, when compared with conventional roller bearings, the Caged Roller type SRG offers unique rigidity with radial and lateral stiffness typically improved by 40% and reverse radial stiffness is over 75% greater.

Ideally suited to particularly tough and demanding conditions in manufacturing, automation or process applications, the new SRG models are available with static load capabilities ranging from 165 to 599kN, and with a choice of either compact or flange type carriages.