Linear Actuators Come in Smaller Sizes

THK has added two new models to its proven range of high performance linear actuators. The latest versions of the SKR are now available in smaller sizes, of 20 and 26mm, and form part of a product family that is designed to combine exceptional levels of rigidity, accuracy and reliability in compact, virtually zero maintenance units. The new SKR linear actuators incorporate THK’s patented caged ball technology.

This improves overall performance, while reducing levels of friction, heat and noise to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the use of caged ball technology significantly enhances both positional accuracy, to within 0.02mm, and positional repeatability, to +/-0.003mm, while allowing loads to be moved or transferred smoothly and at high speeds.

Designed for use throughout industry, the new compact SKR models consist of a U-shaped guide rail, within which four THK linear motion raceways plus a single ballscrew are mounted.

The guides and ballscrew are then used to control a single load bearing block or carriage assembly, which spans the width of the guide rail.

This construction is exceptionally tough and rigid and allows the device to be preloaded if required.

In addition, the load-bearing ball races on the guide are arranged in such a way that the capacity load is uniform in four directions (radial, reverse-radial, and lateral).

As a result, the SKR linear actuator can be used in any mounting orientation and for applications where the applied load extends beyond the body of the actuator.

This makes the new SKR devices particularly suitable for use in areas where the loading direction varies, such as in the motion of Cartesian-co-ordinate robot arms.

The new SKR linear motion guides are available in four versions, with a choice of single, double, short or long load bearing blocks.

A range of accessories is also available to further enhance the performance of the SKR and includes THK’s QZ lubrication system, which extends maintenance intervals still further.