Look Inside: Motion Control Systems

technico motion control systemsMotion control is generally understood to mean the use of servo or stepper systems as the “muscle” to move a given load. Motion control systems are capable of extremely precise speed, position and torque control. Applications which require positioning of product, synchronization of separate elements, or rapid start/stop motion are all perfect candidates for the use of motion control.

In a typical motion control system there are three basic components:

  1. the controller
  2. the drive
  3. and the motor.

The path planning or trajectory calculations are performed in the controller, which sends command signals to the drive, which in turn applies the necessary current to the motor resulting in the desired motion.

The goal of a mechanical system built for motion control is to accurately move or position a load. In an ideal system, the load is rigidly coupled to, and directly driven by, a linear or rotary motor. The future of industry is automation and Technico provides the components that can meet the special needs of various applications.

Technico has you covered on all of your Motion Control needs.


motion controlmotion control systemsmotion control system

Please call us for further information. Our Sales Engineers can help you from top to bottom with:

  • Ball Screws – A mechanical linear actuator that converts rotational to linear motion.
  • Bearings – A type of rolling element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearings and the rails.
  • Actuators – There are several types of actuators and choosing the right type depends on the amount of force required, the distance the actuator needs to move as well as the speed required.
  • Servo Motors – A rotary or linear motor that allows for precise control of position, velocity and acceleration coupled to a sensor for position feedback.
  • Gear Boxes – Used to increase torque while reducing the speed of a prime mover output shaft.

We also supply rails and blocks for a variety of motion control systems. No matter your need or specific project, we can help. Contact us today by filling out a simple web form or call us!