What Makes LM Guides Highly Reliable?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But if you are designing a linear motion system, you have to consider structural support, guides, drives, seals, lubrication, and accessories between points A and B. Whether you decide to design and build your LM guide system from scratch using standard parts or buy one that’s engineered for you, making the right choices from the onset should help keep things moving for the long term.

When considering whether to make or buy a linear system, think about the engineering time and expertise you will need to design the system from scratch. You’ll need to calculate linear and radial-bearing life, ball screw life, ball screw critical speed and deflection of the support profile, among other parameters. You will also need to select a lubricant and lubricant system, and design a cover to keep out contaminants. Finally, you’ll need a basic engineering review to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
THK HRW Linear Guide System

On the other hand, if you decide to buy your linear system, there will be times when standard catalog products do not meet the requirements of the application. Technico, Inc, a leading distributor of linear guides has the buying power, engineering staff, and a sales team rich with product knowledge to make sure you are buying the correct LM guide for your application. LM guides are critical elements in many types of machinery. By converting slippage into a rolling motion they enable parts of machinery to move smoothly, easily and precisely in a straight line. As a result, LM guides help to enhance the precision, rigidity, and speed of a wide range of industrial machinery.

Whether you know exactly how to design your linear motion system and want to order parts or need engineering support through the entire process Technico, Inc is the place to begin. Our history of reliability and dedication to our meeting our customer’s needs far surpasses our competitors.

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