A Pocket Guide: What Makes Up a Motion Control Board?

Motion controllers are the brains of any motion control system. In feedback-based systems, they take an input command from the user, compare it with a feedback signal from the motor, and take corrective action to bring the output (or actual position) and input (or desired position) in line with one another, ideally with little or no error. Here, we discuss exactly what a motion control board is.

What Is a Motion Control Board?

motion control board

A motion control board is a piece of dedicated hardware whose sole purpose is converting motions to driver control signals. It can’t really be interrupted because it doesn’t do anything else, which is great in terms of providing smoother and higher speed motion. In other words, the motion control board mounts functions to output pulse train at a designated pulse number or frequency. It can automatically output control pulse according to motion parameters such as target position, velocity, acceleration and deceleration rate, etc.

What Makes Up a Motion Control Board?

Most electronic motion control systems consist of several key elements: a controller, motor drive, motor, and feedback sensor. The brain of the motion control system, the motion controller is responsible for all the computational requirements of motion path planning, servo loop closure, and sequence execution. Motion control will become ubiquitous as the world will become more and more fully automated. Motion control will continue taking over many more applications, tasks, and needs within the personal and industrial environments. This will increase requirements on the quality of motion control in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, accuracy, precision, and noise.

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