Motion control is a sub-field of automation, encompassing the systems or sub-systems involved in moving parts of machines in a controlled manner. The main components involved typically include a motion controller, an energy amplifier, and one or more prime movers or actuators.

Motion control may be open loop or closed loop. In open loop systems, the controller sends a command through the amplifier to the prime mover or actuator and does not know if the desired motion was actually achieved. Typical systems include a stepper motor or fan control. For tighter control with more precision, a measuring device may be added to the system (usually near the end motion). When the measurement is converted to a signal that is sent back to the controller, and the controller compensates for any error, it becomes a closed loop system.

How Are Motion Control Products Used?

Typically the position or velocity of machines is controlled using some type of device such as a hydraulic pump, linear actuator, or electric motor, generally a servo. Motion control is an important part of robotics and CNC machine tools; however, in these instances, it is more complex than when used with specialized machines, where the kinematics are usually simpler. The latter is often called General Motion Control (GMC).

Motion control is widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production, and assembly industries. Motion control encompasses every technology related to the movement of objects. It covers every motion system from micro-sized systems such as silicon-type micro induction actuators to micro-sim systems such as a space platform. But these days, the focus of motion control is the special control technology of motion systems with electric actuators such as dc/ac servo motors. Control of robotic manipulators is also included in the field of motion control because most robotic manipulators are driven by electrical servo motors and the key objective is the control of motion.

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