A new range of linear slides and guides has been launched by THK, the world’s largest dedicated developer and manufacturer of linear motion technology, for use in on- and off-road vehicles. Designed to help improve operating efficiencies and reduce the cost of ownership, while offering greater functionality, performance and safety than existing devices, the new linear products have the potential to be used in a wide range of transport systems, ranging from tail lift and trailer mechanisms, to earth moving plant and servicing and maintenance equipment. The new generation of products includes a range of robust ballscrews, for more rugged applications, and heavy duty THK linear guides.

In particular, the SNR and SNS linear guides have been introduced to provide a platform on which vehicle manufacturers and system builders can construct high quality, high performance linear motion and control mechanisms.

The SNR and SNS linear guides incorporate THK’s proven and industry-leading Caged Ball technology.

Compared with conventional methods of moving the slide carriage on the slide rail, THK linear guides give extremely smooth, high speed and maintenance free operation, yet provides an exceptional level of strength and rigidity to enable equipment systems to be positioned accurately, time after time, with a long operating life that is typically in excess of 40,000km.

Indeed, so effective is the Caged Ball system that when compared with traditional devices, rolling resistance is reduced by up to 90% and noise levels by more than 50%, with corresponding reductions in heat and friction.

Perhaps as importantly, the latest linear motion guides are capable of transporting exceptionally heavy loads, with the SNS in particular being rated up to 5530kN, are available in six heavy-duty models and six ultra-heavy-duty models, in a wide variety of stroke lengths.

For specialized on- and off-road and workshop systems, THK has also introduced a range of high performance HBN ballscrews that, size for size, are capable both of transporting over twice the average dynamic load of competing devices and of producing double the typical maximum nut speed (the DN value).

With load capacities of up to 3,390kN and operating speeds of up to 130,000DN, the HBN is especially suitable for applications that demand high-speed precision movement of larger loads.

The HBN again features THK’s Caged Ball technology together with a high-speed ball return system that eliminates ball-to-ball contact and ensures that all lubricants are retained; as a result, operation is smooth, silent and virtually maintenance free, minimizing frictional losses and helping to cut energy consumption by as much as 33%.

A range of accessories are available to enhance the performance of the latest linear motion devices, including the QZ lubrication system, that gives significantly extended maintenance intervals with reduced usage of lubricants, and contact scrapers for applications where an additional level of contamination control and protection is required.