When you’re facing a linear motion requirement, NB has your solution. Our experts applied their decades of experience to designing and manufacturing award-winning linear rails, slides, bearings, and guides for a vast array of industry needs.

To offer one of the best product ranges in the business, we combine compact size, high-load capacity, flexible mounting options and high resistance to demanding environments.

Choose NB for:

High load bearing capacity thanks to our multiple-point, omnidirectional ball bearing loading

Compact block assemblies with low height and optional wide body mounting surfaces

All-steel construction with various grades of stainless-steel and corrosion-resistant coatings

A multitude of dust and high-temperature features for use in adverse conditions

High-precision rail machining that limits friction and provides long service life

Retained, recirculating-ball options for easy installation

Your choice of tapped or countersunk mounting holes

Please feel free to contact a member of our sales staff with any questions or comments or if you have a desire to learn more about the motion control products we supply.