A new version of the THK Laminated Contact Scraper is designed to extend the operating life of linear guides, especially in applications where there is a high degree of contamination. Called the Side Scraper, the new device effectively protects THK linear guides by removing dirt, oil, liquids and various debris regardless of the mounting orientation. Contaminated operating environments with high levels of airborne dust or particles, such as in flour mills, or where debris including shavings, swarf or weld spatter fall on guide rails, can significantly reduce the operating efficiency and life of THK linear motion systems.

In particular, foreign matter on the rail can be drawn into the carriage or block assembly causing wear and, in the worst case, premature failure of the ball race or ball cage mechanisms.

The latest scraper system prevents these problems occurring by creating a combined barrier and scraper unit at either end and along the sides of the carriage.

The end sections comprise a triple layer scraper assembly, with an inner seal, a specially constructed composite layer for removing particulate matter and smaller debris, and a metal outer layer to remove larger material.

The Side Scraper and seal assemblies essentially perform the same function as the end units and prevent particles entering the carriage or ball cage mechanisms when the guide is mounted vertically or is inverted, or where the operating environment contains a high level of particles suspended in the atmosphere.

This latest Side Scraper system can also be supplied with THK’s QZ lubrication unit, to extend operating life still further through continuous lubrication of the carriage and rail components.

Typical applications include machinery for construction, including both quarrying and cement manufacture, equipment for heavy engineering and systems for a wide range of process environments.