Innovative THK linear motion guide products are making it possible to produce quieter and more compact operating mechanisms for sliding doors in elevators and general building applications. With noise levels reduced by up to 50% compared with conventional products, the new mechanisms minimize the disturbance created by a door opening and closing – a benefit which is particularly important in quiet environments, such as hospitals and libraries. The smaller size of the new mechanisms allows them to be accommodated in a slim enclosure which is, in most cases, mounted above the doors.

This means that, for a given size of door aperture, more space is available for the doors themselves, greatly improving the overall appearance, especially with fully glazed doors.

Particularly well suited for sliding door applications are THK SNS- and SHS-series guides.

These are four-way equal load products that combine a high load rating with rigidity and precise operation, and which are available in a wide range of sizes.

SNS and SHS guides are easy to install and are offered with a wide range of options, including seals, scrapers and covers, which allow them to be readily configured to match the application.

Like all products in the extensive THK range, SNS- and SHS-series guides incorporate the company’s proven and industry-leading Caged Ball technology.

Balls roll in raceways that are precision-ground in the LM rail and block, while endplates incorporated in the block allow the balls to recirculate quietly and smoothly.

The Caged Ball system arrangement eliminates friction between the balls, and increases grease retention, thus giving the guides their low-noise, low-friction characteristics, and also ensuring long, maintenance-free working lives.

Caged Ball technology also means that, for a given load capacity, THK guides are smaller and lighter than their conventional counterparts.