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  1. Linear Motion Is Everywhere

    Linear Motion Is Everywhere

    linear motion guidesUnexpected linear motion applications are everywhere! They range from relatively simple, such as an inexpensive seat actuator in a passenger vehicle to a complex multi-axis coordinate system, complete with control and drive electronics for closed-loop positioning. No matter how simple or how complex the linear motion system, at the most basic level they all have one thing in common. Moving a load through a linear distance in a specific amount of time, linear rails and linear actuators are used to control movements with different variables and complexity. Read more »

  2. Get to Know the Leader in Motion Control Products

    Get to Know the Leader in Motion Control Products

    Based on Newton’s First Law of Motion, any object that doesn’t experience a net force will constantly move in a straight line at the same velocity, which is called linear motion. Every day we are surrounded by things that move in a linear motion. Whether in machine tools, robots, semiconductor production applications, precise measuring equipment, medical devices or computer-controlled machines and systems for other industry sectors. As a leader in Motion Control, Technico specializes in offering a broad range of automation technologies to OEM’s in a wide variety of industries. Primary industrial applications include machine tool, metalworking, automation, transfer equipment, automotive, robotics, medical, tire and rubber, injection molding, press, steel mill equipment, packaging and special machinery among others. Read more »