THK offers the world’s most complete line of Linear Motion Systems and products for your Motion Control and Automation needs. These systems include Linear Motion Slides, Ball Screws, Ball Splines, Linear Actuators and Stages, as well as other linear motion products.

Please feel free to contact a member of our sales staff with any questions or comments or if you have a desire to learn more about the motion control products we supply.

00 General Description.pdf

01 LM Guide.pdf

02 LM Guide Actuator.pdf

03 Ball Spline.pdf

04 Guide Ball Bushing Linear Bushing.pdf

05 LM Stroke.pdf

06 Precision Linear Pack.pdf

07 Cross Roller Guide Ball Guide.pdf

08 Cross Roller Table.pdf

09 Linear Ball Slide.pdf

10 LM Roller.pdf

11 Flat Roller.pdf

12 Slide Pack.pdf

13 Slide Rail.pdf

14 Spline Nut.pdf

15 Ball Screw.pdf

16 Lead Screw Nut.pdf

17 Change Nut.pdf

18 Cross-Roller Ring.pdf

19 Cam Follower.pdf

20 Roller Follower.pdf

21 Spherical Plain Bearing.pdf

22 Link Ball.pdf

23 Rod End.pdf

24 Accessories for Lubrication.pdf

25 Appendix.pdf