THK has launched two new models to extend still further its proven range of high performance THK linear motion guide systems. The latest versions of the SRW Caged roller guide are now available with extra-wide guide rails, of 130 and 150mm in width, to provide even greater load capacity, in terms of both weight and overall size, with excellent levels of rigidity, positional accuracy and repeatability. The new SRW LM guide incorporates THK’s patented Caged Roller technology, which is based on the proven operating techniques used in the company’s Caged Ball linear motion devices, with the steel ball arrangement being replaced with two sets of opposing caged rollers positioned at 45-degree contact angles between each side of the block and rail.

The rollers circulate within specially developed retaining cages, with retaining plates being used to ensure that the rollers remain permanently aligned in a uniform arrangement.

This configuration allows lubricating grease to be applied evenly across the face of individual rollers and retained between rollers at all times; as a result maintenance can be virtually eliminated, with tests proving potential maintenance free operation to be in excess of 40,000km.

Compared with conventional roller bearing products, the latest THK caged roller systems offer up to 38% greater radial stiffness and over 40% more lateral stiffness.

In addition, they provide considerably lower levels of friction, can be used at both high and low speeds, with equal degrees of accuracy, and are almost silent in operation.

The exceptionally tough and rigid construction of SRW means that the latest THK linear motion guide systems can carry static load capacities up to 600kN, can be preloaded and will handle loads applied in the radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions.

The units can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are available with a range of accessories including THK’s unique QZ lubrication system, which extends maintenance intervals still further, the LaCS laminated contact scraper system, plus metal scrapers, plate covers and a range of seals for use in severe environments.