THK Ball Screws

Technico’s line up of THK Linear Motion Actuators features faster operation speeds, low noise and a range of THK ball screws lead diameters—from 1mm up to 25mm. THK’s KR Linear Motion Actuator is comprised of a one-piece outer rail with two integrated linear motion raceways for each block side. A ball screw drive through the center of the block completes this space-saving design. Every actuator in our KR and GL model ranges offers extremely rigid and highly accurate functions and utilities.

Assembly costs are reduced by incorporating both the drive mechanism (belt or ball screw) and the linear motion guide mechanism into one unit. The compact GL linear actuator is single-axis, reducing the number of separately installed motion components and increasing speed and efficiency.

The comprehensive range of GL Linear Actuators and KR Linear Actuators allows you to choose optimal specifications for your requirements. Technico carries quality THK products for your business’ motion control needs because they have a sterling reputation for quality and innovation. Contact Technico with your questions regarding any of our THK Linear Actuator models and to place your order at 330-847-7000.


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