KR Series Linear Motion Actuators

The KR Actuator features a one-piece outer rail with two integrated linear motion raceways for each block side.  Assembly costs are reduced by incorporating both the drive mechanism (belt or ball screw) and the guide mechanism (LM Guide) into one unit. THK Linear Motion Actuators reduce the number of separately installed motion components, and the utilitarian design of a ball screw drive through the center of the block creates a space-saving design. Technico offers the KR20,  KR26, KR33, and KR46 models in various spec and sizes ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm in ball screw lead conveniently adapting to your needs. Every actuator in this line provides extremely rigid and highly accurate functions.

When your manufacturing operation requires the reliability and longevity of THK KR Actuators, call the linear motion guide experts at Technico. Let experienced engineers assist you with selecting and ordering the precise LM Guide for your business. Call Technico today at 330-847-7000 or contact us online to speak with a specialist.