Linear Motion System – GSR35TSS BLOCK

The GSR Series of THK linear motion control systems has an interchangeable and self-adjusting capability best suited for industrial machinery where high accuracy installation is difficult to achieve. Technico’s GSR15, GRS20, GSR25, GSR30, and GSR35 guides by THK are designed to provide a smooth linear motion that does not affect the product’s service life. By simply fastening the mounting bolts, the LM-block top surface tilts, eliminating unwanted clearance, and allowing for an appropriate preload to be applied. Like the HRW Series, the GSR models are compact, low profile, and able to bear loads in all directions. The LM rail and block are interchangeable with one another, conveniently allowing them to be stored separately. Please note that this is not a stocked product and allow for a 12 week delivery time.  Call Technico today at 330-847-7000 to speak with a linear motion control specialist and get the right THK GSR Guide for your industry.


Type GSR-T modified by shortening the LM block; therefore space-saving