Linear Guide System – HRW17-190L RAIL

The HRW Series is a space and energy saving linear guide system that suits a wide range of applications. Technico offers linear to curved HRW guides ideal for miniature to large machine tools. This high-precision guide series include: HRW14LR, HRW17, HRW21, HRW27, HRW50, HRW12LR. Due to the model’s low center of gravity, wide rail, and low overall height it can be used in places where space saving is required. This product is also suitable for compact, heavy loads as it is highly rigid in all directions that eliminates the need for reinforcing side support.  When you are looking to conserve space, but need the reliability of an LM block that is capable of receiving loads in all four directions, Technico’s HRW Series is the perfect product for your application. The experts at Technico can assist you in choosing the right guide for whatever your need is. Call Technico today at 330-847-7000 to speak with a linear motion systems specialist.  


Rail Length(mm): 190