Caged Ball LM Guide – SHS15R1SS BLOCK

Model SHS has the same dimensions as model HSR, which is in effect, the global standard full-ball LM guide, and can be mounted in any orientation since it is 4-way equal load type. With the low sectional height and the high rigidity design of the LM block, SHS achieves highly accurate and stable linear motion. When your manufacturing operation requires the reliability and longevity of THK Caged Ball LM Guides, call the experts at Technico. With a full range of size specs and model types available, Technico is proud to be the first and last resource for clients from all over the country. Let the experienced engineers at Technico assist you with the selection and ordering of the precise linear motion guide for your business. Call Technico today to speak with a linear motion guide specialist at 330-847-7000.


Narrower LM block width than that of type SHS-C. Screw holes are tapped into the top of block surface for mounting.